The Open Source Culture and How to Work with It. This was a research paper for a Leadership and Organizational Behavior class. It looks at the people side of the open source development method and how that relates to corporate involvement. The premise for the paper is that greater acceptance of open source software in business will require businesses to become involved with the open source community. This includes non-software companies as they look for support and upgrades.

Satire: Puleitcher Prize is a letter from a friend (in the days before email) admonishing the poor quality of my correspondance. Both volume and content are under attack. I've kept it for the fond memories, but no less because the writer was skilled at satire.

Technical: Why You Shouldn't Follow Best Practices an article with four real life stories illustrating case where following best practices lead to problems. Criteria are suggested to evaluate a practice to determine if it qualifies as a best practice and if the practice is correctly applied.

Technical: To Validate or Not... A short essay on the issue of validating Web page markup.