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The Digital Web published my article Extending The JavaScript Date Object with User Defined Methods, March 4, 2008. Pop over there and check it out. It's an honor to be in the company of the august writers who contribute articles to the Digital Web even if it is only this once. The article is a more polished version of the How-To in the Info Tech section.

The Abyss of Hacks or IE7 Fixes

I never liked or used "hacks" to get around IE bugs (or features). Work-arounds, yes, but relying on parser bugs to mask code violated some sense of prudent coding. Well, now IE7 proves the point.

"We're starting to see the first round of sites and pages breaking due to the CSS fixes we have made. We would like to ask your help in cleaning up existing CSS hacks in your pages for IE7." -- from IEBlog

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Great Images

Entertainment, amusement, and diversions (most from emails) for your pleasure. Visit Recreation department.

Deer in Forest Fire Some photos like movies are really best seen on the big screen. The image shown is among the first two in a new section that lets you see a large picture.

You still get the thumbnail and scaled down image as before. Now you also can click on the image to view full size version for maximum affect. Some images just deserve this.