Web Graphics & Fonts

Scriptorium The Scriptorium's fonts are among the most unusual and reasonably priced on the market. I came across them on a project to illiminate printing and distribution of monthend reports, mostly accounting schedules. We needed a font that matched the spacing of the highspeed nongraphic printers so the columns in the report file would line-up correctly in desktop software. Their Midilex font fit the bill. Scriptorium and Fontcraft appear to be divisions of Ragnarok Press.

Free Web Fonts The folks at the Scriptorium want to do something to make the web look a bit more interesting. They've put out a series of free web fonts which they hope will bring web pages and browsing to life.

Halloween Art At The Boneyard the dark side of the Scriptorium shines through, featuring their best selection of macabre art and their most gruesomely provocative fonts. Great for Halloween and themed sites.

Go To Realm Graphics Realm Graphics, part of Ender Design, is a source of imspiration and an occasional graphic.

Web Design and Programming

W3Schools Online Free is always nice. This site is a free web development tutorial. It's very complete and has an online HTML editor to try things out.

The W3C Markup Validation Service "a free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards." A good site to insure your pages are standard compilant.

Saila.com  The description in their page source says it all. "This site is focused on web journalism and design, and features related resources and articles."

Software Development

Builder.com Their subtitle says "Beyond the code." They are a CNET Networks, Inc. site. These are the same people who do Zdnet and News.com. The site has information on software development style and technique.

Project Management

Construx This is the site of Steve McConnell author of Code Complete a very good text on quality program, the Software Project Survival Guide, and many more books and articles . While this is a consulting company site, they freely share ideas, templates, check list, etc that can help in managing.

Technical News

Slashdot their own subtitle "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters" sums up the site. It is a good location for an overview of current software news and issues plus a smattering of other items of interest to that community.

The Register is a British tabloid style site covering computer news and issues.

The Inquirer is similar to the Register but occasionally has a different slant on an article.

Freshnews is "fresh tech news from around the net." It doesn't have news of its own, but scans other sites and provides you with headlines and links to the articles.

Linux Home Page the name of this site is misleading. It is similar to Freshnews; however, it focuses on Linux and Open Source news sites. Both sites lead you to other good sites covering computer news and Linux news.

Sites of Friends and Acquaintances

Chris Lawrence Amshey's web site. He's a good guy and quite talented. He's into programming and Debian, science fiction, and life outside of computers. He also has the misfortune to be my nephew. Give him a visit. His site is evolving and expanding as he finds time.

If you're into cars specifically Corvettes then Vettn.com is a site for you. Jack, who I worked with at my last company, is into his Vett. He has pictures, forums, etc.

Go To The Dot Todd The Dot Todd is the internet residence of a good friend and colleague. This is about him, hobbies, IT, and life. He is involved scroll work, making tools for other wood workers, and NASCAR. He is just starting the site so it is under development. Go back often!

Wayne Hummer Investments: Nothing to do with gas guzzling trucks. WH is my investment broker. They're really nice guys who know their business and help you make a profit.

Politcal News

Truthout carries news and op-editorials on politics and current events. It is generally balanced and accurate in reporting although it has a slightly liberial bias.


The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000

BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms - A frequently updated list making plain English of industry terms and acronyms, plus interpretations of emoticons and frequently used e-mail slang expressions, along with a partial though still extensive list of country domain name abbreviations.

FOLDOC: The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing, similar to Babel, supported by the Imperial College Department of Computing and has 14025 terms. It only allows searching for your term whereas Babel lets you surf the list. On the otherhand the information is more in-depth.

High-Tech Dictionary from ComputerUser.com. An extensive list of terms, acronyms, and chat abbreviations.