A magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck early this morning. At about 1:11AM local time, I was sitting at my desk, you'd think I be asleep like a normal person, and felt the desk start shaking then it subsided. I said to myself, who else do you think would be around at that time, this must be an earthquake. Not that I have any experience with earthquakes. Then the desk shook some more. It was an odd sensation because it didn't feel like normal shaking from vibrations, but rather a more fluid squirming. The whole affair lasted about 3 seconds. The epicenter was at Troy Grove, Illinois about 70 miles west-southwest of Chicago near Ottowa, Illinois.

Few people give much though to earthquakes in the Midwest. California, for sure, but not here. There is, however, a large and very active earthquake center just south of Illinois along the Mississippi known as the New Madrid Seizmic Zone.

Today I did a little surfing and came up with some interesting and intriguing information to share. Rather than retell it, I'll provide the links so you can read it from the source.

Here are a couple news accounts of the earthquake:

These next sites have historical information on the New Madrid fault and the impact of previous earthquakes.